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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a unit?

A UNIT is a measurement of your medicine mandated by the Department of Health (DOH). One UNIT is equal to 1g of cannabis flower or 200mg of THC in edible/topical form. You are allotted 230 units in a rolling 90-day period by the DOH.

Concentrates like wax are a little different to calculate your units correctly. If your 1g of BHO wax is testing at the state limit of 70% THC, that would translate into 700mg of THC. You then divide this number by the DOH standard UNIT measurement (200mg THC), which equates to 3.5 UNITS.

Am I Protected?

All of your personal information is protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). A United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Only the patient and DOH have access to private information such as medical records.

Payment Options

We accept cash and debit. When using debit cards, our clinics now charge a $3.50 fee that rounds up to the nearest $5 increment. We do not like issuing the fees and apologize for any inconvenience, but we will now be able to accept a broader base of banks and credit unions when processing your transaction.

Reserving Medicine Online

Order online and skip the line. Create an online ordering profile one time in-clinic and make your own orders online in advance through our website, pick-up at the location of your choice and if you don’t want to change anything on your order you can SKIP the line, pay and go. It’s that easy.


We offer a 15% discount to Veterans. Must present valid DD-214 form or Military ID.

When Should I Renew my Card?

We recommend renewing your card at least thirty days before expiration to avoid any lapse. You must have your card and id for every purchase.

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